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Our pricing varies because we do an individualized plan for each student. Contact Us today!

The pricing of your tutoring program at Education academy LA varies because we customize our instruction to meet the specific academic needs of the student.

The total cost of the student's tutoring program is based on:

  • Program length
  • Tutoring subjects
  • Hourly instruction cost
  • Payment schedule that best fits for student's needs

We offers a variety of payment options:

  • Credit card
  • Check
  • Flexible payments program

*Our average hourly rates for tutoring can vary by subjects and the needs of the student. Contact Us to get more information on pricing and program availability.


About Us...

Education academy LA is the provider of supplemental education services and tutoring to students of all ages and skill levels. With us, our caring tutors tailor individualized learning plans that build the skills and attitudes students need to succeed in school, in their professions and in life. Affordable tutoring instruction is available in math, reading, writing, study skills, homework help, test prep ,business english ,conversational english ,Japanese, Chinese and more at Education Academy LA.

Our Mission.....

Education academy LA' mission is to offer our students in-person, small class instruction to meet individual needs for their success. The program starts with an assessment to identify each student’s specific learning needs. We use the results to create a learning plan to guide each student’s for their needs. Students are placed in small classes or one on one tutoring based on their learning needs and ability levels. Please feel free to contact our counselor at 310-613-9414 with any questions concerning your enrollment options.

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